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This poem was presented to TAMECT and TAMUEMS by Michelle Kerlee Fowler, sister of Tim Kerlee, during a meeting between the medics and some of the family of the fallen on Muster Weekend 2000.  Tim, you may remember, was the twelfth casualty of bonfire...the "Twelfth Man"...who directed rescue workers to others instead of to his own aid.  Also of note, Michelle and her husband were both volunteer EMS providers in past years.

The Unsung Heros

Each day brings new
challenges with each call.
You might face that unforgettable call.
But, each shift you give it your all.
You may never forget the day Bonfire fell.
You may never forget the faces you saw.
You may never forget
the lives you touched.
You were there for our
sons and daughters,
brothers and sisters.
You touched their lives
as they touched your lives.
Our thanks and gratitude
extend to each of you.
You were there for the
12 Aggie Angels,
and remained by their side
until your work was done... unsung heros.

Michelle Kerlee Fowler

Last edited: Monday, June 28, 2004