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December 25, 2005
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What is the Former Aggie Medics Association?
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An open letter from Park Knight, TAMECT Faculty Advisor (edited to meet standards of Capt. Dispatch)

I am sending this out to everyone in our former Aggie Medic Family that I currently have an address for. I would like to ask your help in passing it on to everyone else that you know of. My hope is that every former member of Texas A & M Emergency Care Team and Texas A & M Emergency Medical Services gets a chance to read this. Please forgive me If you have already been contacted on this subject.

A little over a year ago some discussion was started about creating a former member association. This began in response to the recognition of the fact that the current members had lost track of a lot of the former folks and a great deal of our history had been forgotten.  An example of this problem was the lack of an ability to inform interested former members of Thanksgiving Dinner.  The discussion then traveled through possibilities including working to keep former members in contact with each other as well as supporting and mentoring the current organizations.  When I was approached about this idea, I felt that it was long overdue and was highly supportive of it.  It was subsequently researched and letters of incorporation have been completed and filed under the name Former Aggie Medic Association. This process was in the final stages on the morning of November 18, 1999 when the Bonfire tragedy occurred. The resulting response from so many of you, as well as my perception of the frustration that all of you were enduring in obtaining information, only confirmed my opinion on the benefits of such an organization. At this point the next big step is to locate everyone that might be interested in being informed as the process continues. That is the purpose of this email.

If you are interested in this project they would like to hear from you. They are looking for some basic information to include:

  • your name (current as well as maiden)
  • years of membership
  • mailing address
  • email address

Some optional information could include:

  • current employment
  • telephone numbers
  • a statement indicating how involved you would like to become.  

They are also looking for any opinions and ideas on the project. Please send this information to   I would also like for you to consider placing my address in the Cc: space. They have also started an email list serve in order to discuss this project. You can join this list by sending a blank email to   The service that host this list has a few features. One of these features gives you the option of reading the posts at your leasure from a web page instead of having them fill up your in box. You can access this page at   Please feel free to contact me at or (409)845-4321 if you have any questions.

Park C Knight
Advisor, Texas A & M Emergency Care Team

Last edited: Sunday, December 25, 2005