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June 28, 2004
Note on privacy
for this website

The Dustbowl Listserv links have been reconnected, and can be reached through   However, the properties of the listserv have been modified so that only members of the list can view the archives, and membership subscriptions must be approved by a moderator (Jarvis, with McNeill as backup).  As such, unauthorized persons cannot view the listserv archives of messages.

The links were disconnected so that the website could be cataloged by TAMU's Project Beam, which is attempting to archive a great deal of electronic information surrounding the bonfire collapse, including websites.   Our website had some specific and unique information that may be important to their archiving.

While it is recognized that both the website and the listserv are all in the "public domain", there is also a different "flavor" of messages that get passed on the listserv -- straightforward, honest, with no "masks".  There was some reservation towards opening this communication to the public. 

It is my deepest desire that this form of communication continue in it's unrestrained honesty.  To that end, I disconnected the links from this website to the listserv.  My thanks to Mr. Jarvis for discovering a method to better control access to the listserv.

Finally, please be assured that information from this website will not be used for any commercial purpose, and will not be used for personal gain.  It is the "community property" of the Dustbowlers, who are the website's mission and purpose.


(besides, when Suzanne and Lesley both think I'm wrong, I know when it's time to duck and cover...)

Last edited: Monday, June 28, 2004