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December 25, 2005
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Links, and other good stuff...

Well, we'll get to this page as we get to it, but it will be links, downloads, and anything else we think of...

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Finally, we've found them! (Did I miss something in the transfer to plurality?)

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TAMUEMS Homepage

(OK, so their history page on when
TAMUEMS actually began is a few years off...)

Former Aggie Medics Assoc.

What is the Former Aggie Medics Assoc?

Top 10 Reasons to Watch Aggie Football with your local A&M Club
(instead of at home alone or with Non-Aggie Friends)

10. At the Club, you don't have to explain why you get goose bumps every time you hear "Recaaaaallllll...step off...on....hullaballooooo!"

9. At the Club, people don't think you're drunk when you start swaying back and forth during the War Hymn.

8. Where else can you hump it and not be brought up on charges?

7. You don't have to answer the question, "Where are the cheerleaders?"

6. With Aggies, you don't have to explain about "the dog".

5. With the Club, you get to rock the rafters, all the hotel guests, and other innocent bystanders with Yell Practice inside a 4-star hotel.

4. With a bunch of Ags, you don't have to explain the unexplainable (Aggie Spirit) to those who will never understand.

3. At the Club, it's good bull to raise hell, mostly because you're hanging out with a bunch of world-class hell raisers.

2. With a bunch of Ags, you can always bet on the replay, and hope that they'll do better and complete the pass on the second try...

1. It's good to be with your own kind.

(courtesy of the National Capital A&M Club Newsletter)

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Aggie War Hymn fanfare WAV file

Last edited: Sunday, December 25, 2005