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June 28, 2004
Note on privacy
for this website


The basement is a collection of scanned pictures from our past, provided anonymously to our fine website.  The vast majority of the pictures are from the mid to late 1980's, documenting the escapades of our daunting heros of the medical profession.  Some of the people you will recognize.  Some of the people you'll be embarassed because you don't recognize them, even though you're standing next to them.  But when you're done, you'll remember that they're some of the finest people you know.

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I start "The Basement" off with this picture merely to represent a theme:  Matt saying "Oh my God, you got a picture of that??!!?".  These pictures capture a moment in time, the place where our family was forged.  Please note that any pictures which appear to demonstrate something debaucherous, politically incorrect, or illegal were, of course, merely staged for the photographer, and not real events.  So sit back, grab a cold one, and remember when we were young, impulsive, had hair, etc...(and keep a sense of humor)

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Last edited: Monday, June 28, 2004