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June 28, 2004
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(Photos courtesy of Tim & Judy Foster)

Official date for DustBowl 1998 was July 9-12, 1998 in the mighty metropolis of Galveston, TX (no, they didn't enact the restraint legislation after our last visit!).

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Well, Dustbowl 1998 is dust now.  The unofficial count was 52 people between the old Ags and their families.  A great time was had by all.   Many thanks go out to the Dustbowl Coordinator (Lesley), the G'weat Coordinator (Joan et al), and the Aggie Olympics Team (Stacey and John).  Along with all the other people who helped make all this a success.

The memorial for Steve McDonald was a stirring experience.  As one of the former Chiefs, I can assure you it was one of the hardest thing I've ever done; I feel certain I can speak for Dave as well.  Dave Phillips gave a brief biography of Steve, and then recollections and memories were discussed by several people, including Dave, me, Bonnie, Lesley, Jeff, Allen, and Matt.
The words "Please stand at attention for Roll Call" barely came out of my mouth.   I read the name: "Dr. Steven C. McDonald, Class of 1987"...what was only a second seemed like an hour of silence.  Then the thundering reply of the entire crowd..."HERE".  Silver Taps played...the first volley was incredibly painful, as I felt everything we lost.  But then the second volley of Silver Taps followed, and then the third, and it felt different...a peace settled upon us that cannot be taken away -- the peace of knowing that he really was "HERE", in all of our hearts.

"Softly call the Muster,
Let comrade answer, 'Here!'
Their spirits hover 'round us
As if to bring us cheer!


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98yell.jpg (15781 bytes) (Really old Dustbowl Version)

The fightin' Texas Aggie Emergency Care Team!
The most Red...umm...Life Savin' Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, and Uncles on the Campus!   Ayy!

The Latest Stuff from Lesley (June 29)

1. I45 South exit and turn Right onto 61st Street. Head towards Seawall. This is your last stop in civilization (Randalls Supermarket)
2. Right on Seawall Blvd Pass SuperWalmart (or Stop if you forgot Sunscreen)
3. Terramar Beach is the goal. It is beyond the 18 Mile road beach and preceded by Sea Isle. Watch for Terramar Beach sign on the right hand side of road. Turn left (towards Beach!) and go right on service road, 1st left road and look on the row of beach front houses for Sand and Sea properties Cash Sand Dollar. We will have some Aggie signs up to mark the way. Those arriving after dark, watch carefully!

Room assignments:
Each family is to bring their own bed linens, bath towels, beach towels, and complete floor bedding for the kiddos including pillows. There are detergent, washer and dryers in each house.

Beach Front House
Master King: Mengers
King 1st floor: Freys
King 1st floor: Fosters
Loft Pyrimid (Double and Twin): Ellerbes
Loft queen: Jenkins
Loft Queen: Elliots
Second House
Master King: McNeills
Second room: Pyrimid Double: Martins
Twins Hilt, O'Hara
Third room: Pyrimid Double and Multiple Twins: Phillips and Jarvis
Bob Emmick> bring twin size stuff.

Schedule of Festivities
: Mengers, Freys, Jarvis, O'Hara
"Grease" at Outdoor Theater at Sunset. Confirmed tickets for Frey, Menger, Hilt, O'Hara. Anyone else Speak NOW.

Wednesday: Fosters, Elliots, Hilt

Thursday: McNeills, Ellerbes, Phillips, Martins, Emmick (will be prn)
Food henceforth will be provided for the masses.

Friday: Jenkins, Waites?, Gonzales?,

Saturday: Pogues, Waites, Olneys, Rumored appearances by Park Knight, David Villareal, Buchans and perhaps the Rileys
Aggie Beach Olympics
Memorial for Steve McDonald

Sunday: Whatever!

Monday: Houses must be vacated by 1000.

This is a bring your own Breakfast, Booze, Soft drinks, toddler food, and lawn chair (if you wish to sit) event.
Group feedings will commence with Lunch on Thursday and terminate when the fridges are empty (Sunday lunch?)!
There will be 2 grills on site and Allen Jenkins will bring a gasgrill.  Allen and Mike Elliot are bringing Gas Shrimp boil pots.

Ice chests and Ice will be needed to accomodate this group. Those day tripping in, please bring a bag or two of ice.

Food questions:  Contact Joan email or phone 817-312-0488

The following items will be provided:
Coffee, Tea, Koolaid, Milk, Soap, TP, Detergents, garbage bags, Charcoal,

Please bring:
Beach toys
Your favorite CD's
Videos for your children. Each house has a VCR.

PLEASE contact Lesley for suggestions, corrections, and confirmations if you can bring something listed as a need. She flies to Texas July 4th. We'll post the Beach House phone numbers as soon as possible.    In an emergency, you can tag Joan Menger's cellphone after Monday at 817-312-0488

May 26, 1998
We are on the brink of the Largest Dustbowl ever in it's 8 year history! Total Confirmed now at 46: 28 adults, 14 kids, and 4 infants. Still hoping to hear from Bob Emmick and a few others.
Deadline June 5th for final payment of accomidations. As the Elliott'shave joined us, there will be a small decrease in the per family price ($23). This money will be thrown into the food category so Joan and Kristi don't break the bank buying food for us. Thus please send the total of $275: 1807B Monta, Liberty, Texas 77575. Please be prompt with your payment so it doesn't get lost in the move shuffle. The dungeon is small, moldy, and cramped.

Date of arrival needed from the following: Ellerbe, Jenkins, Martin, Foster
Confirming arrival dates
Tuesday: Frey, Menger, Hilt
Wednesday: Elliott
Thursday: Phillips, Jarvis, McNeill

The Frey's will be coordinating the Aggie Olympics.  I am still seeking a volunteer to organize the Misc catgory( TP, Detergent, Charcoal etc.) Those flying in or managing children less than 13 months are exempt from being pressed into service. I got a list, just bring the stuff and receipt.
I have the Frey's, Hilt, and Moi listing for tickets to Grease for Tuesday or Wednesday night. Any other takers?
A motion for Bunko has been placed. Any Seconds?

May 6, 1998: 
(3) Joan M. and Kristi J. have graciously volunteered to coordinate the food plan. More details will be posted later re: plan.

April 23, 1997:  The Pogues, Bonnie Scott Olney and family, David & Shelli Pogue, and possibly Dudley Waite (EMS, wait....................................) and wife will be there but day-tripping.   Also a possibility to see Obi Wan (VLR) and family.  We're probably going to set up a "day-trip donation" amount so we can cover food et al, as our numbers continue to grow.  If you're planning on day-tripping in, it's critical that you let Lesley know.By the way, that's 26 adults, 13 kids, 3 infants!

TWO beach houses: one beachfront (1st row) house with great porch and waving distance to kids in the water; one beach house (2nd row) about 1/2 mile away (the closer one sold out from under us!). Not as deluxe as previous Beach house but they are in the "comfortable" range and a step above "functional". 7 private rooms some, 3 open beds in loft, total of 4 bathrooms, 2 outdoor rinse off showers with H/C. Bed space for adult, kiddos on the floor. We are on Terramar Beach (map) -> no driving, no (overt) alcohol on the beach. Details on food and what to bring later. Strangely enough Linens (e.g., Sheets, Blankets, Bath and Beach towels) are not provided. Each House has a washer/ dryer.

Presently have 11 confirmed families. Estimated cost for Lodging Thurs-Sunday is $375.00 per family ($25 cost associated w/ recent house change). However, as we could only rent for a week (Monday to Monday), all are welcome to come early and leave the following Monday by noon. However, arrival and departure time does not affect family cost.

Deposit $1500 already placed.

Reservations by Ellerbe, Foster, Frey, Hilt, Jarvis, Jenkins, Martin, McNeill, Menger, O'Hara, and Phillips families.

No word from Villareal. Elliott finally found, but non-committal.

Please contact Lesley via email ( if you've got any questions...

Last edited: Monday, June 28, 2004